Smug is a start-up learning fast. The answers here will evolve based on your feedback as we seek to get better. If there’s something you feel is missing or would like to see tell us using our contact form.


How are Smugs made?

Well, if you haven’t read our design page you need to know that Smugs are digitally printed using non-toxic dyes onto organic cotton. The cotton is steam-treated to lock-in colours and ensure wash-ability. Smugs are cut to our top secret Smug template. Two-layers of organic cotton are then combined before the hem is stitched. A metal nose clip is incorporate to provide better molding and reduced glass fogging. Stretch elastic is sewn into the hem to make ear-loops. Discrete adjustable silicone toggles are added to allow for a Smug fit. A nifty little woven label then finishes each Smug.

We strive to ensure each Smug is as close to perfection as possible – however the organic cotton is subject to natural imperfections, and the handmade nature means there may be subtle variations in exact size and finish. It’s these quirks which make each Smug unique.

How do I wear a Smug properly?

Smugs are not PPE, they are an unsealed fabric face covering to protect others as well as you. It’s really important that you do not over-tighten the adjustable toggles or nose-clip. If you do the Smug will prevent air from circulating freely, make breathing and talking harder.

Place the elastic behind the ears, and slide the toggles sufficiently to take up any slack in the elastic. The Smug is over tightened if the elastic is pulling on the ears, or if the fabric moves in and out when breathing. If correctly adjusted you should not feel the toggles sitting behind the ear and the weight of the mask will be well balanced. You likely will only ever need to adjust the toggles once to achieve the optimum fit.

Lightly press/pinch the nose clip to mould around the bridge of your nose. Once this is done, you should only ever have to adjust the nose clip occasionally and slightly to maintain the fit. The nose clip is not designed to be constantly flexed and will deteriorate if not treated with care.

This nifty little film from our friends at the Beeb tells you everything you need to know about wearing a face covering safely.

How do I look after my Smug?

Love your Smug and it will love you. Smug care instructions feature in your packaging – please follow them to maximise the lifespan of your Smug. Our ‘Everyday Smug’ is intended for occasional use – popping to the shops, on public transport etc. Wash your Smug before wearing for the first time – colours will run initially (only ever wash with dark colours!). We recommend hand-washing your Smug to show it some love – but you can machine-wash it at temperatures of up to 30°.

If you choose to machine wash place inside another garment or pillow case to protect it. Let your Smug air dry or place it on a heated towel rail or radiator. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY as this may distort the elastic strapping, damage the silicone toggles and reduce lifespan.

Preserve the integrity of the nose-clip by only ever making small adjustments, avoid over-flexing, do not fold and store with care.

Why don’t Smug include filters?

We have thought long and hard about whether to introduce a disposable filter to a Smug. However based on advice, we believe the addition of a nano-filter adds very little in terms of enhanced protection (due to the mask not being sealed, medical grade PPE), and moreover there is a risk that the filter adds a false sense of security and confidence to the wearer which may unintentionally encourage poor social distancing behaviours. We also don’t want to add more man-made fibre to landfill. We believe our double layered fabric, molded fit with integrated nose clip to reduce leakage and adjustable toggles provides a superior barrier when compared to other fabric face coverings commonly in use.

How safe is my Smug?

There’s a lot of conflicting information circulating about face masks, how and when they should be worn, the level of protection they offer. At Smug we want to be super-clear. This is not PPE or a medical grade mask. It is designed primarily to keep others safe and reduce the potential for onward viral transmission by infected but asymptomatic wearers. This paper published by the Royal Society is an interesting read.

Can I choose other materials?

Right now, we only offer Smugs which comprise of double-layered organic cotton. Our design team is currently testing multiple fabrics and design templates for fit, durability, comfort and integrity. We will be releasing new Smugs regularly.

What sizes do Smugs come in?

Smugs are offered as one size fits all for adults with stretchy elastic and adjustable toggle. Our little people variant ‘Smug Kids’ has 20% smaller template. Please refer to the dimensions on the product page prior to placing an order. As a personal hygiene product we cannot accept returns or exchanges of Smugs – for obvious reasons!


What designs can I choose from?

We offer inaugural Limited Edition Smugs created by @RebeccaNewmanDesigns, a Simply Smug range of vibrant, one colour masks and a Smug Kids range for little faces.

Can I order more than one Smug in different designs?

Yes, you can add multiple Smugs to your basket.


Do you supply businesses?

We sure do. We provide an free in-house design service and can fulfill bulk orders typically in 10 working days from artwork approval. We need to design, print, wash, dry, cut, stitch and dispatch and this takes time. Handmade, in the UK to your bespoke design spec. 2 weeks from factory to face. Impressive right?

How much do Smugs for workplaces cost?

That depends – how many, what’s the design, when do you need them by? Complete this handy form and one of our Smuggers will get back to you.

Is there a minimum order?

Usually we say 100 units because we offer a free design service, and it takes time to queue the job in the factory, prepare and switch over fabrics, machinery etc. We won’t bore you with the details. We can accept smaller orders, but you may have to wait a little longer to receive them and pay a slightly more.


What’s the donation thing all about?

For every qualifying order we donate another face covering to a foodbank – for staff and volunteers, or to be issued with an emergency food parcel.

What’s a qualifying order?

Any order placed via the Smug website. We donate one face covering regardless of the basket value of the order. Donation excludes orders containing sale items or where a discount code has been applied.

How do we know how many Smugs have been donated?

We will publish the total face coverings donated on our website or social media and be independently audited by our nominated charity partner. We batch the production of donated face covers and expect our first fulfillment to take place during the autumn.

In the unlikely event the demand or need for face coverings changes or the charity partner decides they do not require them, we reserve the right to offer a suitable cash donation as an alternate to donated face coverings. Such a donation will not be less than £1 per qualifying order.


How much does a Smug cost?

Our Kids Smugs start from £12.95, whilst our adult Limited Edition and Simply Smugs range are £14.95 including VAT. These prices are subject to variation. We will be offering bundles and more ways to purchase as we scale.

Do Smug offer discounts?

If we do, we must really like you. All Smugs are custom-printed, hand cut and stitched with love in the UK. This is a personalised, labour intensive service where we cannot achieve economies of scale and volume discounts which might apply in other mass-produced manufacturing processes.


How long will it take to receive my Smug?

Smugs should be with you within 5 working days, although we aim to get them to you sooner where we can. Royal Mail are experiencing some delays due to social distancing and staff absences affecting sorting offices. You will receive a dispatch email the moment your order is with Royal Mail.

How will I receive my Smug?

Orders are shipped using Royal Mail 1st Class barcode service. Shipping is a flat rate of £2.95. We also offer a 24-hour Royal Mail tracked service for £6.95 – please note this service is a delivery aim by Royal Mail it does not guarantee next day. It operates from Monday to Friday – so if you place an order at the weekend – it will not dispatch until Monday. This service is temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 disruption.

What happens if I don’t receive my Smug?

If you haven’t received your order or there’s an issue with it on arrival  – #sadface – tell us using the contact form on our website or email hello@smug.org.uk.

Do you do free delivery?

Nope. We don’t use free-delivery to lure you into buying more than you perhaps intended or undermining the inherent value of the product. We allow you to make a transparent assessment of the cost of the product vs the postie’s efforts.


What if there’s a problem with my Smug?

We help people wear smiles. If for some reason you’re unhappy with your Smug – you can contact us to discuss the issue and we will do our best to keep a smile on your face. You must contact us within 14 days of receiving your order if we are to help in accordance with our returns policy.

Can I return Smugs?

No, for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns. If there is a fault in the workmanship we will arrange a refund or replacement.


I’ve got some useful feedback?

Great! We love to talk, listen and learn. Please use our contact form on the site, ping us an email on hello@smug.org.uk.

I’m a designer, can I showcase my work? 

Maybe. We are looking at ways to promote young design talent in the UK and make Smugs better. Use our contact form or tell us your idea hello@smug.org.uk.

I’m a business, can I partner with you?

Maybe. We love cool brands that are doing good. Talk to us by emailing hello@smug.org.uk.

I’m a charity, can I receive free Smugs?

Maybe. You can express your interest in becoming Smug charity partner by emailing hello@smug.org.uk.