Lovingly hand-engineered coverings for your face

Designing a reusable face covering is not as easy as it sounds. Just as each face is unique, so is each Smug face covering.

Smug Construction

Smug’s are digitally printed using non-toxic dyes onto double-layered organic cotton fabric. They’re then meticulously hand-stitched with an integrated nose clip to reduce glass fogging. Elastic straps with a silicone toggle and a nifty Smug woven label finishes the job – the perfect reusable face covering!

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Ethical supply

We are proud to hero the Best of British design and handicraft. All our materials are sourced in the UK. We employ an all UK workforce and pay above the Living Wage. We don’t have suppliers, we have partners.

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Smug care

Love your Smug and it will love you. Hand-washing will extend its lifespan. Machine-wash up to 30 degrees. Colours may bleed. Place inside another garment or pillowcase to protect your Smug. Air/radiator dry – do not tumble dry. Protect the nose-clip – avoid over-flexing and never fold.

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Did you forget a filter?

Nope. Smugs are not PPE. They are primarily intended to protect others. There is no scientific evidence that inclusion of what is often marketed as a ‘nano-filter’, in an unsealed fabric face-covering offers enhanced protection. At Smug we do not want to imply a false sense of security which may lure wearers into adjusting social distancing behaviours. Nor do we want to add more man-made fibre to landfill. A Smug is a Smug.

Each Smug demands the attention of at least 7 people as it is printed, washed, cut, sewn, trimmed, picked and packed – before reaching your face. It’s this love which makes each smug unique.